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Professional Diver Training

Diving Internships Thailand aim to provide you the best Diving Internship program or GoPro Course you can find in Thailand, with some of the best diving, course directors and PADI instructors to help make this amazing transition into the world of professional diving as fun, memorable and smooth as we can. We have worked long and hard over the years, to evolve our GoPro Diving Internships, molding our style and methods to help you, our candidate succeed in becoming one of the industries next best PADI diving professionals.Whether you want a few months break from the norm for an adventure, take an extended holiday and live another life or completely change your life style for ever


This is Where Your Dive Pro Career Begins!

During you PADI Diving Internship we will advise you on what you need to achieve to become a true Dive Master and experienced Dive Instructor and also inform you of anything else available in the industry you can take advantage of along with any potential you may not be aware of. Train hard and go above and beyond to produce your best skills. Push yourself to become the elite dive pro you would like to become!

Take a Look At Whats Been Happening In Pro Training!

“Roots Of True Achievement Lie In The Will To Become The Best You Can Become!”Arnold Yap : PADI Platinum Course Director @ Diving Internships

The scuba diving industry is very ‘fluid’ haha, yes the puns intended, demands and trends are always changing, needs and wants from employers and customers will separate one dive professional from the next. We understand and follows such needs and trends so we can best advise our candidates on whats happening and which paths are currently the best to choose. We take safety very seriously and if you don’t already know why as a recreational dive customer, you will know for sure 100% once you find yourself on the other side as a PADI Dive professional!
This is without doubt, one of the single most important aspect for anyone learning and learning well. In terms of ability and attitude for you to train and work with is important to us, we have no doubt, after month(s) in Thailand, by the time you reach your goals and end of one our go pro diving internships, we are confident, that you will possess the knowledge and ability to stand shoulder to shoulder with any of our instructors with confidence, who knows, you might fit in so well, you may find yourself becoming part of our team.

Our GoPro Diving Internships aim to offer you as much real life dive industry experience as possible, to achieve this, after orientation, you will work closely with our instructors with real divers, on real courses at our dive centers. We can train you in the full range of PADI specialists courses and as a technical dive center facility can even train you beyond the realms of recreational diving and gas blending during your internship, as well as letting you travel to our multiple dive center locations in Thailand to complete varies parts of your diving internship if you wish. The more of this you take advantage of during your diving internship, the more experienced diver and importantly,more employable dive professional you will become!
we are willing to go that extra mile for you to ensure this, after all, you will represent us as a professional diver after you finish your diving internship with us, so its not only important to you to have the best training/experience you can but also to us as you are a ambassador to the work and commitment we put into you.