PADI Dive Instructor Course IDC in Pattaya from only 62,000 THB

Diving Internships & IDC Pattaya are the Pro Dive Training department of Pattaya Dive Center. You’ll have a great experience during your PADI Dive Instructor Course with IDC Pattaya, over 14 days, Our Instructor Development Team will be there to help and guide you through the journey to becoming a professional PADI dive instructor.  Our PADI IDC Team (Instructor Development Course Team) has so much experience and real-world dive industry knowledge that we have developed exclusive workshops and seminars to get that information to you easily and effectively. We not only include Instructor teaching skills, but also business knowledge and communication style that makes you become a sort after industry dive pro.

Becoming a PADI Dive Instructor with IDC Pattaya Diving Internships

(IDC Pattaya delivers top-tier training for diving instructors.)

A concise 14-day program culminating in a 2-day Instructor Examination in Pattaya
Emergency First Response Instructor course
A 2-day IDC Prep Course covering theory and skill review
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors remain the most sought-after dive professionals globally, having completed the progressive and popular PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC).

Our diving instructor course in Pattaya, Thailand, sets a gold standard for training dive professionals, leveraging the location to provide exceptional training in diverse conditions.

PADI Dive Instructor IDC Pro dive Training

Dive Instructor Course Structure

The PADI Diving Instructor Course in Thailand (IDC) has two main parts: the PADI Assistant Instructor (AI) course and the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) program.

To become a PADI Diving Instructor, you need to work hard and stay dedicated. This career lets you share amazing underwater experiences, changing not just others’ lives but also your own.

After finishing the IDC, most dive pros take the PADI Instructor Examination (IE). This is the final step to get certified as a PADI Instructor.

What Do I Need for the PADI Dive Instructor Course?

To join the PADI Dive Instructor Course (IDC Diving Instructor Development Course), you must be a certified PADI Divemaster and have six months of diving experience.

Some things you need beforehand are:

  1. At least 60 logged dives to start the IDC and 100 dives for the IE.
  2. Recent CPR and First Aid training within the last two years.
  3. A signed medical statement from a doctor within the past year. It’s also necessary to become an Emergency First Response Instructor during our PADI Diving Instructor Development Course.

IDC Pattaya, a 5-Star PADI Instructor Development Center, allows candidates to take the IE with fewer than 100 dives after completing the IDC. PADI will grant teaching status after the 100th dive.

What’s included With IDC Course?

  • IDC Instructor Course prep
  • PADI IDC Instructor Course (AI+OWSI)
  • PADI IDC eLearning pack
    (The PADI Digital IDC Crew Pack includes:
    • IDC e-learning
    • PADI Guide to Teaching
    • Diving Knowledge Workbook
    • PADI Quizzes & Exam Booklets (Open Water, Rescue Diver, Divemaster)
    • Project AWARE Specialty Instructor Outline
    • Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Instructor Outline
    • PADI Open Water Course Prescriptive Lesson Guides
  • PADI IDC Slate Pak with backpack Training Materials
    The PADI Physical IDC Crew Pack includes:
    • PADI Backpack
    • Dive Lesson Planning Slates [Confined and Open Water)
    • PADI Dive Planning & Skill Practice Slate
    • Open Water, Advanced, Rescue Diver, Divemaster course Instructor Cue Cards
  • EFR Instructor Course (EFRI)
  • EFR Instructor eLearning pack
  • Emergency First Response Instructor Manual

You need an Emergency First Response Primary, Secondary and Care for Children Instructor Manual either on CD-Rom (recommended) / Paper version.

In addition, you also need a copy of the PADI Instructor Manual. The Instructor Manual is included in the PADI Divemaster crew pack and as a renewed PADI Divemaster it is available as a free download from

For candidates crossing over from another training organisation or PADI Divemasters that are not renewed, you can purchase a copy.

  • All logistics and support for the duration of the IDC & IE
  • Our IDC T-Shirt

What’s Additional?

Accommodation: To incude your accommodation is optional; we have several options depending on your budget. Air Con
rooms with their own bathroom start from THB 8,000 a month.

PADI Fees: IE and instructor application fees are not included as they are paid directly to PADI.
See PADI Fees for 2024

When Are Pattaya IDC Course Dates?

The PADI IDC Pattaya programs are held five times per year and you can see the full information on the IDC schedules and PADI Fees here

Pattaya IDC Diving Instructor Courses Thailand

How Much Does The PADI IDC Cost?

Prerequisite Starting Certification – Divemaster



PADI IDC Course & Materials

2 weeks

62,000 THB

PADI Fees (paid direct to PADI) .
PADI Instructor Exam $AUS 1,120
PADI Instructor Application $AUS 331
EFR Instructor Application $AUS 228
Total PADI Fees $AUS 1,679

IDC FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions

The IDC package costs are as follows.
IDC Instructor Development Course
IDC educational materials required by PADI standards.
EFR Instructor materials

The materials include a digital Instructor crewpack, which we can give you access to before you start the course. Upon arrival to your IDC in Pattaya, you will get a set of teaching cue cards that you will be using both, throughout your course and as a certified scuba diving Instructor.

Price: 62,000 THB
There are also fees which you must pay directly to PADI. The fees are as follows:

PADI Instructor Exam – $AUS 1,120
PADI Instructor Application – $AUS 331
EFR Instructor Application – $AUS 228
This is a total of $AUS 1,679. These are all fees.

According to PADI Standards, all Instructors and Certified assistants are required to have the standard diving gear along with:

Timekeeping device
Knife or diver’s tool
Two surface signaling devices (one audible and one visible)
Dive flag (if locally mandated)
Instructions for your dive computer or the RDP/eRDPml
While we able to furnish a complete set of standard equipment for your training (if you cannot provide your own which is always advised), the additional gear mentioned above needs to be arranged by you.

We highly recommend having a Rescue Breathing Mask as it sees frequent use during your training sessions.

Rest assured, we can assist you in acquiring any equipment essential for your training. Our retail team is also available to guide you in selecting the right gear suited to your preferences and budget. Get in touch with us for further details.

According to PADI guidelines, the IDC itself has an 8-day duration encompassing both the Assistant Instructor (AI) and Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) segments.

Following this, a 2-day Instructor Examination (IE) is necessary to obtain certification as a PADI OWSI.

At IDC Pattaya, our program spans 2 weeks and includes:

Two full days dedicated to Dive Theory and Skill Preparation
Training for Emergency First Responder Instructor
Training for Dive Against Debris Instructor
A Mock Instructor Examination

We strongly believe that thorough preparation is pivotal for a successful IE and a flourishing career in the diving realm. Our approach allows candidates ample time to feel completely prepared, ensuring absolute confidence as they progress to become a PADI Professional.

A PADI dive instructor shoulders numerous responsibilities. These encompass instructing individuals in scuba diving, conducting continuing education courses like Advanced, Rescue, and Specialty courses for certified divers, and mentoring Professional-level divers such as Divemasters.

Moreover, Diving Instructors oversee the overall diving activities for all scuba divers, managing the logistics and operations of dive expeditions.

Additional roles a diving instructor might undertake involve equipment maintenance, tank filling or gas blending, serving as a sales representative, handling general customer service tasks, and engaging in duties like online marketing.

Upon successful completion of a PADI Instructor Development Course, PADI grants certification as an Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI).

As an OWSI, you gain certification to instruct the following PADI courses up to the Divemaster level:

Discover Scuba Diving
Seal Team
Open Water Diver course
Advanced Open Water course
Rescue Diver course
Peak Performance Buoyancy course
Project AWARE specialties

Upon pursuing additional training under a PADI Course Director, you can elevate to a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, enabling you to teach at least 5 more PADI Specialty courses.

Furthermore, upon completion of the IDC Staff Instructor course, you can commence assisting a PADI Course Director in teaching specific segments of the Instructor Development Course.

Pattaya boasts an extensive heritage of nurturing top-notch dive instructors while providing unparalleled and diverse dive conditions for global teaching experiences.

This city has been instrumental in cultivating numerous leaders in the diving industry and has served as a launching pad for dive shop owners not just in Thailand but across the globe.

The opportunities here span various disciplines like recreational, technical, Drift, and wreck diving, among others, presenting a rich array of choices for enthusiasts.

Many individuals opt to make Pattaya their home or a central base while operating across Southeast Asia due to its vibrant community, well-equipped international facilities, and convenient proximity to Bangkok’s international airport, offering seamless global access.

Diving remains a year-round affair in Pattaya, with over 30 exceptional training dive sites and five shipwrecks to explore.

Beyond the underwater realm, Pattaya caters to both locals and expats with a wide array of non-diving activities, exquisite culinary experiences, vibrant nightlife, expansive shopping malls, adventure sports, scenic beaches, and captivating viewpoints that encapsulate the essence of Thailand’s lifestyle.

For those earnestly considering a career shift, fueled by a fervor for diving and a quest for top-tier scuba training, Pattaya stands out as the ideal destination to realize your aspirations and ambitions.

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