Master Scuba Diver Internships

MSD Internships in Pattaya from only 78,000 THB

Looking to spend your days diving, you have the scuba bug but maybe you don’t want a immediately Go Pro? Maybe your waiting to turn 18 to become a divemaster and in the meantime want to become the best of the best! Come and live the dive lifestyle and explore the underwater world and go places and see things you have never experienced during a 1 month MSD Internship in Thailand, ultimately you will achieve your adventure with five PADI Specialties, unlimited diving and the Master Scuba Diver rating.

The packages include all the required courses, materials and dives from your current level to bring you to Master Scuba Diver

Master Diver Internship Package

5 PADI Specialty Courses

1 month accommodation – Our accommodations are double rooms located centrally, close by to restaurants, bars and the beach!

Unlimited Fun Diving for 1 month – worth over USD 2000.00.

All your PADI application fees for the Master Scuba Diver level.

Return Transportation from the Airport in Bangkok

Special Deals and Great Rates on SCUBA equipment.

Lunch and drinks – on all diving days.

A full set of rental dive equipment is supplied for the Internship.

How Much Does Master Scuba Diver It Cost?

Starting Certification



Beginner (none Diver)

4-8 Weeks

120,000 THB

Open Water Diver

4-6 Weeks

106,000 THB

Advanced Diver

3-6 Weeks

92,000 THB

Rescue Diver

2-4 Weeks

78,000 THB

MSD = Master Scuba Diver Package |

Duration are based around the minimum amount of dives you will need to acquire from a current logged dive experience / certification level. Duration are flexible, if you have more dives logged let us know. Packages Include everything you need except your own set of dive equipment to keep, Please note we will supply a set of dive equipment for duration of course for you to use no problem, We find this is better so you can wait to find out what you like and want and then, when you are ready to buy your own equipment, we offer special equipment packages adaptable to your requirements