Master Scuba Diver Trainer Internships

MSDT Internships in Pattaya from only 42,000 THB

The Master Scuba Diver Trainer Internship in Pattaya is a two part program. 5 PADI Speciality Ratings and 25 real certifications
of different PADI course. You will gain real life teaching skills from our team of experienced instructors
and Course Directors. You will be able to leave here with a high level of confidence and experience to
add to your resume, a letter of recommendation to get your first paid job as a PADI Instructor.

The packages include all the required courses, materials and certs to bring you to Master Scuba Diver Trainer

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer Courses Pattaya

MSDT Internship Package

Choose 5 specialty instructor ratings from our Specialty Instructor Courses in which we’ll coach you to teach along with 25 actual student certifications. You’ll have an experienced resume CV before you have even left our facility.

What’s included?

• 5 Specialty Instructor Ratings
• 25 real certifications to add to your personal PADI account
• Up to 2 months unlimited diving
• Free intro to Nitrox Diving
• Free intro to Side Mount Diving
• Free intro to Tec Diving
• Unlimited Fun and Sunshine

What’s not included

Accommodation is not included in the price; we have several options depending on your budget. Air Con
rooms with own bathroom from THB 7,000 a month.
PADI Instructor Application fees

How Much Does Master Scuba Diver It Cost?

Specialty Instructor Courses To Choose From

Enriched Air

Enriched Air Diver (EANX) is one of PADI’s most popular diver specialty courses, when looking for employment, being able to teach Nitrox specialty course really is a must and expectation of any PADI MSDT Instructor.


Wreck Diver has to be one of the exciting PADI diver specialty courses, making it very popular. With so many diving areas having shipwreck dives on the menu, Pattaya having many to choose from, training advanced divers to wreck dive in a safe responsible way is a no brainer. Add it to your list!

Gas Blender Nitrox (and Trimix)

Gas Blender Nitrox (and Trimix) Although this specialty course does lend itself towards the more serious end of diver training applications (especially for technical dives) its also very useful for dive centers to have Gas blenders and even better, gas blending instructors on staff who know what its all about!

Emergency 02 provider

Emergency 02 literally is a divers best friend, as Rescue divers we all learnt about its importance and to be able to offer this specialty course addition with your PADI rescue diver courses shows your not only varied in the courses you provide but also informed as to what is really important.


Equipment, what can we say, we use it every day and there’s alot out there… with Diving internships you’ll not only learn to basics but also get real life experience of scuba equipment, compressors, blending, facilities and anything else we can throw in because the more you know, the better you will be given the situation arises, and this knowledge you’ll be able to pass on.



Deep diving, as a higher level PADI professional not only knowing about its applications but being able to teach them from experience is invaluable. Help prepare your future Divemaster candidates with the required knowledge of the Deep.


With so many dive areas offering Night dives, offer this course and be able to prepare people with confidence to explore the exciting dark waters and the special aquatic life that comes out to play in them.


Search & Recovery

Search & Recovery just might save you and your students some money going forward. the more divers with Search & Recovery knowledge the help will be on hand in the event of a costly dive computer going overboard on a dive trip 😉


Every divers enigma! how to get around and back to the exit underwater. Help your future students unlock the mystery



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