FAQ Diving Internships

Yes, there are a number of options.

1. On arriving in Thailand you will be issued a 30 day tourist visa. This will run out before your internship is completed so will require visa runs – leaving Thailand into a neighboring country and re-entering to be issued another 30 day visa.

2. Apply for a one year Non-Immigrant B visa allowing you to stay in Thailand for longer (Normally 90 days at a time) You can apply for this visa at the Thai consulate before travelling, expect to pay just over £100. This will save you money and time in the long run over regular visa runs.

3. Combine your trip with a language training course and you can apply for an educational visa. This will normally last for 6 months.

Other than your travel expenses not much! Your main living expenses will be food and drinks, which are quite cheap in Thailand.

A decent meal costs between 40 – 350 baht depending on whether you want Thai or Western food. A beer costs 55 – 100 baht. As a rough guide you will average about 500 – 1000 baht a day. (£10 – £20.00)

If you are on a tight budget you can live for a lot less than this, but this amount is comfortable. It’s also advisable to keep a few hundred £ in reserve.

Every day! As we keep our courses limited to small groups we can be very flexible. You can start the date at a time to suit you – not us.

Very little – everything in Thailand is cheap, and you can get everything you need so keep it minimal. Clothes, camera, sunglasses, flip flops. Remember, at the end of the scuba diving internship you’ll have a bag full of your scuba diving equipment, books and diving manuals to take back.

Yes. Contact us and we can discuss what you’ve done so far then come to some arrangement.

Either we can reduce the overall cost of your dive internship OR give you a great deal if you swap courses you’ve already completed for alternate dive courses offered by us.

Contact us and we can discuss exactly what you’ve got and how that affects things.

Either we can reduce the overall cost of your dive internship OR give you a great deal on dive courses or other equipment offered by us.

The courses are set up to be completed in one to six months, This is longer than some other centers and even if you’ve never dived before we can still get you through the internship to PADI Divemaster in that time.

If you wish to go at a slower pace we can always extend the course. This would incur additional accommodation costs and some extra dive charges.

The best thing to do is contact us and we can discuss your individual needs.

Pattaya and Jomtien attract a whole range of people from lone travelers to couples and families. We have female instructors and have trained many female divemasters over the years, Like everywhere in the world – act safe and you will be safe.

The best thing to do is contact us and we can discuss your individual needs.

If you chose a diving internship with All the equipment included. You receive brand new pro-level reputable equipment e.g. Mares, Seac Sub, Scubapro, and once you finish your scuba diving internship it’s yours to keep. Our upgrade packages are excellent value and represent some of the best quality dive equipment around. If you are turning pro then this kit will see you through the first few years of diving and beyond.

Yes to be signed off as a PADI Divemaster you do need a dive medical. (300 -500 baht)

You need to have basic general fitness to enjoy the internship, but don’t need to be an athlete. Obviously you can’t take part if you have any serious medical conditions e.g. lung disease, bronchitis,, pneumothorax, heart disease etc. If you’re not sure, check with your doctor.

There are lots of ATMs and banks plus money exchanges in Pattaya, so access to money isn’t a problem. Do check out what charges you’ll incur with your ATM as some banks can be expensive. Travelers cheques are also a good options.

For large payments [i.e. the internship fee] it’s probably most economical to make a direct transfer

We’ll work out the percentage of the internship that you’ve done and recalculate your bill based on that.

Everything is straightforward, plus we have experienced, competent instructors so we’re confident that you’ll have no problem proceeding through the diving courses.

Yes we strongly advise you to get your travel insurance. Try to get one that covers normal scuba diving to 18 or 30 meters. (Most policies do)
These policies are inexpensive and can save you thousands should for some reason you need it.

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